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Guru Bites was born out of Ben Jacklin‘s love of creativity, twinned with a growing frustration at the over-saturation and under-performance of other sites designed to provide guidance to the creatives among us.

Ben, along with a team of Gurus and long-term business buds Phil Hewitt and Justin Bailey, went about creating a way of providing guidance, opinions and information with none of the waffle. Quick, to the point tutorial videos and text documents from the established for the aspiring (and sometimes the other way around). Contribute here.

Our ‘Bites’ are designed not to dictate how things should be done, but give valuable opinions which viewers can draw from in their own techniques and methods. After all, there is no exact science to creativity. Not only this, but the information is bite-sized (clue’s in the name) for the sake of efficiency, time and simplicity.

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