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Founder Ben Jacklin – Time Thieves

by Ben in Bites with 0 comments 26/03/2011 ,

Founder Ben Jacklin shares some rather generic, but universally applicable knowledge.

Takers of time, and so by their very nature things to be avoided. Time, after all, is money.

    - Over-analysing – Humans, by our very nature, can only use a small percentage of our brain. Use what you can to read a situation, other than that, use your instinct, your instinct is the part of the brain you can’t communicate with trying to give you a heads-up.

    - Over-thinking – Yes, it’s different. Evaluate, of course, and more importantly, dream, but don’t dwell, a successful dinner party host never spent hours worrying about their napkins.

    - Don’t procrastinate – “I’ll do it tomorrow” means “I don’t want to do it today, and I probably won’t tomorrow”. Just do it.

    - Over-working – Take breaks. Go get a coffee, go get a beer, when you come back to work you’ll be fresh and invigorated, if you’re not in a good state to work, you might as well not be working, in which case your time is being stolen, just very subtly.

Guru Bites Founder.

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