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Guru Chris Davis on Retouching

by Ben in Bites, Photography with 2 comments 02/02/2011 , ,

Here, Guru Chris Davis (Specular) shares his wisdom on retouching in a lovely little PDF. Download link below.

Guru Chris Davis on Retouching

“A bit of guidance for new retouchers, unless you’re going for the ‘lads mag’ glamour look,
keep as much detail in the skin as you can, use the patch tools/spot removal tool to clear
any blemishes, then work on evening out any patchy, odd or distracting areas of the skin
tone. A good way of doing this is by using the burn & dodge tools to fix areas that are too
dark or light, a Wacom tablet or similar is not essential, but very handy for this, as it will
help you make small subtle improvements, bit by bit, which on the whole will really improve
the skin. :) As with anything, dont be afraid to experiment, just keep in mind that all skin
has detail, too smooth and it will look fake.”

Guru Bites Founder.

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