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Guru Claudia Carter on Advice

by Ben in Bites, Photography with 2 comments 10/03/2011 , ,

Guru Claudia Carter from Photography Events UK shares another bite with us, this time talking about advice. She bigs us up, too. How lovely.

“What do you do when you’re unsure about something? Ask somebody else. You’ve done it your whole life. I was the infamous baby that always asked “Why?” to everything. Were you, too? I’ve now reached the point where I am comfortable in asking strangers for advice or support and I don’t ever hesitate to do so. It’s taken some time, confidence and an effort to work hard at not being shy but I’ve been so rewarded with my questions.

I would like to do a thumbs up here for Guru Bites; they are the future. However amateur or (at the opposite end) complicated you may think your question is, there is always somebody that will know the answer. Use Twitter, Facebook, forums to your benefit. We are all constantly learning and developing and you may end up with a large group of new good friends – like I have!”

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  • Maarten Roes-Francken

    Being shy leads to stupid questions. And stupid questions are invariably those that one fails to ask!

  • John H. Maw

    That is a good point and well made, but the internet poses one big problem, which is that you don’t know who you are talking to. Advice is relatively easy to get. Good advice from people with a great depth of experience and knowledge is much harder. Many people are setting themselves up as photography experts on the internet. In truth few of them really are. Tread carefully is all I’m saying.

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