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Guru David Coxsell on Using Tumblr to Collect Inspiration

by Ben in Bites, Photography with 0 comments 07/03/2011 , ,

Guru David Coxsell continues to share his photography wisdom. Here he talks about social networking site Tumblr and it’s many uses finding inspiration and beyond.

Recently I decided to get a Tumblr account, a blog network site that lets you share almost anything with little effort including music, photos, text, quotes, links and videos. There are many reasons why may want to create a Tumblr account but below is my explanation on how it provides a great service to me as a visual artist.

Iʼm really glad I decided to check it out as I now use it as a tool for posting my work and also collecting images and posts (known as re-blogging) from others that I find inspiring. As you post and collect information you are instantly sharing what you do with those who choose to follow you. This really helps you to build and showcase more of your personal character whilst also inspiring others and reaching out to an audience who might not otherwise see or hear of your work.

Another good point is that it saves you from a messy file system where you might of downloaded images and placed them in random folders, making it an easily accessible database of what you may otherwise have lost.

It is a place where being inspired can also inspire and a powerful addition to all of the networking platforms available on the web today. So be sure to check it out and while youʼre there have a look at what inspires me (link below).

By David James Coxsell





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