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Guru Drew Morgan on Understanding Focal Length Conversion

by Ben in Bites, Photography with 1 comment 23/02/2011 , , ,

Guru Drew Morgan with another photographic Bite – educating us on understanding focal length conversion.

Focal Length Guide – Drew Morgan

When buying a new lens, it is important to remember that many digital cameras “multiply” the focal length by a certain factor. What is in fact happening is that the sensor only “sees” a portion of what is projected by the lens.

By only looking at the centre of the image, the crop-sensor cameras give the impression of multiplying the focal length.

Here’s a quick table of some of the most common lenses, and their (closest whole number) equivalent focal lengths on various cameras.

For other lenses, just multiply the given focal length by the factor for your camera.

Remember that not only is the focal length altered, but the equivalent depth of field. For example, f/1.8 on a 50D will be roughly as shallow as f/2.8 on a 5d mk ii.

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