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Guru Garazi Gardner – Cheap Lighting: Make Some Polyboards!

by Ben in Bites, Photography with 1 comment 28/02/2011 , , ,

Guru Garazi Gardner shares her wisdom with her first bite, for the aspiring photography Guru on a budget!

Garazi on Twitter.

I have a few lights in the studio, but they don’t come cheap! So I decided to make some polyboards to bounce/stop light, which makes my kit much more versatile.

I bought some 1.2m x 2.4m x 50mm polystyrene insulation boards from a builders’ merchants. They are huge, so make sure you have a van to pick them up and that your studio space is big enough! (Alternatively, if you want to walk them to the studio, make sure it’s not a windy day or you will become a kite! I can vouch for that…)

The boards are white, so the light bouncing side is sorted! Buy blackboard paint for the other side (two coats) and surround them with duct tape so the edges don’t crumble. You can also cut them to size with a blade (cut both sides for a neater finish).

Finding/making stands for them is more difficult, but you can always lean them against a chair or stand. And ta-da! You have some huge reflectors!

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