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Guru Phil Hewitt on Setting up an Octabox

by Ben in Bites, Photography with 7 comments 07/02/2011 , , , ,

Guru Phil Hewitt shares his wisdom on setting up an Octabox.

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  • Kevin Garrison

    I’m incredibly jealous that your octo is that easy to setup. Mine uses hooks instead of buttons and must be assembling with tent poles being shoved through metal sockets with the strength of a barbarian warrior.

  • Phil Hewitt

    I should have mentioned that most octaboxes are always pushed from the center point down. Caught up in the moment guys. Got lots of re-touching videos to come from this shoot.

  • Ben

    ‘Kevin Garrison on building the strength of a barbarian warrior’ – it’s a bite waiting to happen…

  • Kevin Garrison

    @Ben hahaha. I’ll have to work that video in between some shoots =P

  • Phil hewitt

    Haha! Please make that a reality. Yeah, the Paul c buff range is great, very easy and quick to set up. I’ll do some more this week.

    Any requests on what people might want me to submit?

  • Simon Lipman

    If you like’d this, you should see him with a 12ft Profoto Giant. Magical!

  • Ben

    Haha – Simon, this led Phil to tell us some amusing tales.

    When you submitting?!

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