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Guru Ed Vivian – Does it Matter What Kind of HDMI Cable I Use for My Gaming?

by Ben in Technology with 5 comments 15/02/2011 , , , ,

Ed Vivian – Does it Matter What Kind of HDMI Cable I Use For My Gaming

Short answer – No.

HDMI signals carry a digital signal, which basically means it will either be working perfectly, or not at all. So the picture will be crystal clear no matter what you use. Gold plated HDMI cables withstand corrosion a heck of a lot more than other metals, and some quick research can find some pretty cheap gold plated cables, not that much more expensive than standard! So if you live in a damp environment, I would recommend opening a window, and buying a gold plated HDMI cable.

HDMI cables do come in different thicknesses also. The thicker cables will have the ability to carry the signal over greater distances, but they can break the connections if plugged directly into the device due to being heavier.

So really, for your bog standard, 12 hour session of Final Fantasy XIII all you need is a five quid gold plated HDMI cable from ASDA…and a lot of Red Bull.

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