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The Guru Booth

by Ben in Blog, Uncategorized with 2 comments 09/03/2011

Today, We headed to UCS to talk about Guru Bites and get people sharing their wisdom. We took what we called the ‘Guru Booth’ – our iMac, a MASSIVE Guru Bites backdrop thingmajig, and some more promotional material.

The most encouraging and rewarding thing about doing what we do is peoples responses. People involved in education have begun to really praise Guru Bites as a source of information for students, and an opportunity to learn outside of the curriculum, and from likeminded people, often already established in their field.

We’re hoping that events like this will help our Gurus, and our website, break into student communities, and in doing so things will continue to grow. It was hugely fulfilling seeing the information our treasured Gurus were providing teaching other people in this environment, and has whet our appetite for more.

We’re also aiming to recruit Gurus, after all, the best way to cement your own knowledge is to teach others. It’s looking like opening up a whole new world of workshops and events to us, something we’d love all of our Gurus involved in, so, if you’re not already doing so, share your wisdom!

Guru Love,


Guru Bites Founder.

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