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Blog: We have liftoff

by Ben in Blog, Uncategorized with 5 comments 01/02/2011

So here we are. Guru Bites was a plan hatched up by myself, Ben Jacklin, in late 2010. A platform for creatives to share with creatives, whether you’re established, aspiring, or somewhere in the middle, Guru Bites is here to help you create.

The inspiration for the site was an over-saturation of awful tutorial videos on certain websites, and a lack of tutorials considering a variation of opinions and different methods of doing things. Variety, after all is the spice of life, and our system is created so that you can pilfer information from those who inspire and influence you, and maybe ignore those with techniques you don’t see useful for your own work. Creativity at it’s very core.

Anyway, there’s tons of information throughout the site on how it works, how you can get involved, and of course, the tutorials themselves, this post is merely designed as a welcome. Enjoy the site, get involved and be in touch.

Guru Love,


Guru Bites Founder.

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  • nouveller

    Nice one Ben, looking forward to seeing this filled with content.


  • Phil Hewitt

    Love the site!

    Just to put it out there, I think if you’re thinking about Submitting – Don’t. Just simply do it. If you feel that you’re not good enough, you’re wrong. Everyone has something to share, everyone has something to say and everyone can learn from each other.

    Guru bites is how you do it.
    Love this.

  • scottie

    If you need help getting a book published, styles of illustration, or creative writing get in touch…by the way chaps…great site

  • Ben

    Sounds ace, Scottie, would love for you to contribute, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

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