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Guru Bites relaunched its business model in 2012. Providing contributors with the opportunity to make money out of their knowledge, and offering a new incentive to share your wisdom.

So what is a guru bite? Guru bites are snippets of useful information by creatives, for creatives. Short, snappy, to the point video or text tutorials containing easy-to-digest information (e.g. bullet pointed lists or pictures/diagrams).

Why share your guru? Well, we live in a world where information is free and accessable. Online, it’s often cluttered, difficult to find and incoherent. We’re putting the intenet’s guru in one space. Your involvement in this project will not only give you the chance to make money, but help build your reputation, grow your web presence (links back to your own webspace), and fuel your authority in your chosen field. Share the wisdom.

How do I get paid? Simple, any money made from advertising and affiliate programmes is split 50/50 between Guru Bites and its contributors. The best tutorials (those with the most visitors) will then get a share of this 50% – this even counts if you wrote your article 18 months ago, if it’s getting good traffic, you’ll still get paid, Guru Bites can provide a residual income, once you’ve written and promoted your article you can hopefully sit back and watch the money roll in. Of course, this all means that it’s in your best interests to send as many people as possible towards your Bites, as this will help your traffic figures and % of revenue.

To apply to be a Guru, get in touch with Ben at with an email address and a link to your own webspace (website, blog etc.) and a paypal email address for payday!


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